Hey Rob, shot 79 yesterday and broke 80 for the first time!  My game has improved greatly since seeing you.  Thank you very much!  I would love to set up another appointment, hoping to do a playing lesson!

Nick R.

Just wanted to say thanks again for the great three hour playing lesson / range lesson today.  I took a lot of really good information away from our time together.  I appreciation the time an patience you had answering my questions and explaining the scoring zone methodology to me. I look forward to getting together again soon.

Mike S.

Rob has taken me from weekend warrior to now professional golfer playing in tournaments in AZ and California.

Carl P.

Just have to tell you. Play in my league this morning. Shot 35. Best ever. Had 5 pars, hit one green, missed 2 birdie and 2 par putts. Looks like the lessons are helping. Thanks.

Bob B.

Shot 86 today and stroked it well. My drives were spot on and I tried the 7 iron shot you showed me from 100 yards (instead of wedge) and hit it to four feet and made birdie! I hit shots today with confidence that I wouldn’t have tried before.

You are good at what you do!

Jason S.

I had an amazing lesson with Rob. He was a very informative and thought provoking instructor. He constantly made aware of what was on my mind and what was happening with my body after each swing so I could learn and improve not just go through the motions. And improve I did…so much in just the first hour! I constantly I enjoyed my time so much with him and improved so much that I went out and bought a driver and a second lesson with Rob!! He is a wonderful teacher! I would recommend him to anyone! I will definitely come back and see him when I’m back in AZ!! Thanks Rob!

Angie G.

Tom B.

Daniel S.

From the start, he was prompt, professional, and ready to help my friend and I during our 2-hour session. I’m not good at golf. Actually, I am really bad at golf. Not once today did I feel like I wasn’t good enough to be there. I have had a few lessons from other Pros in the past who made me feel as though I was wasting their time, and others who got frustrated if I didn’t immediately take to their instruction. I am so happy this wasn’t the case with Rob. This was the first lesson I have had that I was not overly-nervous hitting in front of the instructor. He was very relaxed, easy to talk to, and knew his stuff. Both myself and my friend picked up some great info in this introductory lesson and Rob has re-energized us to be excited about getting out onto the range and the course to work on our game. I am hoping to setup a few more sessions with Rob in the future, and continuing with my progress. Don’t hesitate coming here for some lessons, you won’t regret it. Thanks Rob!

Preston L.

After reading the testimonials for Rob I decided to make a trip from Houston, Tx to Phoenix to see if he could help me with my game.

Rob’s instruction was professional and enjoyable, and he asked the right questions to get to the root cause as to why I had incorporated bad habits into my swing. Not only did he improve my consistency, but he gave me permission to play according to my body type and fitness level giving me complete ownership of my swing. I left the lesson confident and ready to hit the course. Needless to say I will be back and would recommend Rob Camacho to anyone seeking to improve their golf game.

T. Reed

Just wanted to say thank you for yesterday…. We had an absolute blast. Talked about it and laughed and were amazed all the way home and with traffic it took almost two hours! We definitely will be back for more as soon as possible.
I’ve been around a few pros and heard them talk…. Your style is best I’ve ever experienced…
I learned so much and was totally relaxed…

All I can say is Awesome

Bud D.

I highly recommend Robbie Camacho.  He’s an excellent golf instructor and even a better guy.  He has really improved my swing, but also given me the tools to manage a round of golf better.  He sets goals for me and helps me achieve them.

After consistently playing rounds over 100 for years, Robbie’s lessons helped me shoot a 96.  His reaction?  Next we’re breaking 90.

Robbie has given me the confidence I need to improve, and I know he can help your game too.  Call him!

Jeff G.

I learned more from Rob in the first 15 minutes of my first lesson with him compared to all the other instructors I took lessons from.

Kelly K.

I shaved 8 strokes off my scores from taking lessons from Rob.

Peter R.


Just wanted to say thanks for a great lesson tonight. I’ve had over 20 lessons from various instructors and the first session with you was by far the best i’ve ever had.  I Look forward to continuing and would like to coordinate a lesson each week for the next 4 weeks.

Chris P.

Prior to taking lessons with Robbie I was a low to mid-90s golfer. My overall technique wasn’t great, but not terrible either. Robbie’s methodical approach to teaching and correction were the exact remedy my swing needed. I really appreciated the free (very unexpected) video analysis of my swing. Being able to visualize my mistakes side by side with a proper swing really helped to get the right swing ideal in my own head. Robbie’s teaching style is as much about understanding your mistakes as it is knowing the proper way to swing. For each of my common mistakes Robbie helped me to identify the errors I was making with my swing, grip, or stance. Knowing this is extremely helpful for me as I can focus on improving those specific correction points for the next swing.

I could go on and on about Robbie’s teaching excellence and professionalism, but I think the results more than speak for themselves. After 3 lessons I broke my personal record in 2 consecutive rounds. Shooting an 85 (15 over) and 79 (11 over), nearly scoring my first hole-in-one in the same round when I sniped a 145 yard par 3 within half an inch of the cup.

I could not be more pleased with Robbie’s lessons and I would highly recommend him to any golfer looking to take your swing and overall game to the next level.
Played 9 holes again this morning. The last lesson has helped so much, I can feel it in all of my swings. My game is getting so much better and I feel like I’m in control a lot more now, if that makes sense. Anyway, just wanted to thank you.

Derek H.

“Hey Rob,

Just thought I would drop you a line to thank you after I got out to play this weekend.

I had an awesome round (short game wise) and the new routine worked great. I was able to pitch and chip it fairly close (chipped one in from a good distance behind the green) and because of this only 3 putted once! Funny how that happens when you can put it closer to the pin to begin with!”

Tim M

Played good at Apahe Wells today. Used my 3 wood really good. Was confident and no butterflies. Beat the golf shop woman. You are such a good coach! Thanks for your amazing talent!”

Sherry Miller


Thank you for your instruction last night. I went to the range today and I saw a difference already.”

Jon A

“Thank you very much, you made it seem so much easier, other lessons I have had in the past made it seem difficult with the tips they gave me.

Hopefully I can schedule another lesson in the future, and I will keep people in mind and let them know about you.”

David D


Thanks for the great golf lesson last night. The swing seemed so easy after you corrected one of my flaws and easy to understand after you explained why. I will contact you for the other lesson after I practice and maybe get a round of golf in. Thanks”

Steve M

“Hi Rob,

Thanks for the great lesson last week, definitely enjoyed it.”

Kyle V

Great to work with can feel like i am already improving.

Carie L

Robbie is a wonderful, patient teacher. I can already see a difference after only 2 lessons. The lessons are informative and helpful in a very relaxed environment. I wholeheartedly recommend lessons with AZ Golf Instructor.

Mike J

Great experience! Robbie Camacho was a good, patient instructor! I am a 1st time golfer:)

Connie J

Robbie has the ability to give instruction in a way I can understand and interpret it. My game has, and continues to improve.

Shari L

Robbie is a great instructor. He takes the time that is needed and is very patient during the lessons. I would definitely recommend him to others.

Rocky D

Robbie is an excellent instructor. He is a good communicator and very personable.

Gail S

I only have been to one class and his instruction was amazing. I can’t wait to continue to get advice from Robbie

Michal D

Had lessons from other teachers, but Robbie’s golf lessons worked best!

Bernie L

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